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Elegance, Harmony, Love and Passion are the values ​​that distinguish each of my projects.

Started as a passion, after 22 years of this wonderful world that is Floral Design, I lived an experience of growth that went hand in hand with the evolution of the world of events and weddings.

Today my team and I create scenographic set-ups and installations for any type of wedding, private and corporate event, we have grown a lot and in addition to floral scenographies we take care of the entire image project of an event: graphics, furnishings, kits and accessories.

I love to transform dreams and desires into a magnificent, unforgettable and unique event, which respects the personality and characteristics of those who come to me.

I have always been supported by a coordinated and close-knit team, which shares my same values.

Our strong point?

The ability to interpret all needs, the versatility in creating a project that is always different and personalized.

Each set up is special and unique for us, we do it out of pure selfishness … otherwise we get bored!

For us it is always a new fascinating challenge… and we love challenges.

What makes the difference in our set-ups?

Our installations tell a story: flowers, accessories, kits, details all play the same harmony, communicate with the same language, we want everything have a sense, a meaning, because in our opinion, if everything has a meaning, if everything tells the same story… then the story becomes a fairy tale.

Every wedding, every event tells a story , each of you has your own: for us it is an emotion to listen to it and an honor to make it happen.