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Floral Design Online Course – Basic Workshop – The Classic Style – Step 1


You will begin to know the compositional elements, the proportions and the positioning of each element, you will learn the first notions on the use of colors and the choice of materials. The goal is not to put the flowers together but to understand and make the basic rules your own and then be free to create. Following a centerpiece with a modern line, following the compositional techniques typical of this style.


Silvia Lora Ronco, “Silviadeifiori”

Silvia Lora Ronco, known by everyone as Silviadeifiori, is a teacher of Floral Art and Event Designer. "Creativity is nothing without control" For 21 years in the Floral world and in the Event Organization, she has always been an entrepreneur of herself, in her activities she has lived various experiences of growth in all those areas that have allowed her to combine her creativity with great awareness and mastery of tools. necessary to run a successful business. Her education is hers her life: "I chose to teach because it was the only job that would have allowed me to be a student all my life". Silvia is Tutor in TV format, she was the author and presenter on the Sky platform of formats such as: “Fiori Colori e Decori” (four editions) and “Wedding House” (two editions). And she is the author of "Fatto e Fiorito" published by Rizzoli in 2012 and today in its third reprint. You edited the Floral Design section of the 20 issues for the Corriere della Sera series Fiori e Piante.

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Let’s start with the classic style, the basis of all styles: we will create a round centerpiece together, analyzing all the steps and rules to know in order to be able to create any composition with a classic line.

Video available from 25 February 2022