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Creating floral arrangements for weddings has always been my passion, the passion that I started 22 years ago.

Today my team and I create scenographic set-ups and installations for any type of wedding, private corporate event.

The peculiarity of our set-ups? That tell a story, beyond the undoubted beauty of flowers we want to give a meaning, a meaning to each flower, to each decorative element.

In our opinion, if everything has a meaning, if everything tells the same story… then the story becomes a Fable.

Every wedding is a dream and everyone has their own: for us it is an emotion to listen to it and an honor to make it happen.

After 22 years of work and experience in creating floral sets for weddings, I still believe that having the opportunity to create your dream is a privilege for me; so, whether you are planning an intimate wedding or planning a lavish reception, my team and I will work tirelessly to create your unique magical fairytale.

Flowers for your wedding? I’ll tell you a secret, the most beautiful flowers for a wedding are chosen by the protagonists: the newlyweds.

Our style is versatile, dynamic and not static, it moves and takes shape with you, who do not yet know it … but in reality you already have a clear idea of ​​what you want, our task is only to help you visualize it and make it a beautiful reality.